Keeping Your Office Clean At Millyard Technology Park

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When renting out an office space it is important to prioritize office hygiene! Especially in today’s day and age hygiene is more important than ever. Offices are usually a place where things can get quite busy during the day. On an average day people are managing a lot of different tasks such as meetings, client calls, making copies, making coffee, etc. in such fast-paced work environments it can be easy for clutter, dirt, and germs to build up. It is important to stay on top of office cleanliness before it develops into a more serious problem. At Millyard Technology Park we do have cleaning services available to all of our tenants but in this article, we will be highlighting the areas tenants should pay extra attention to and get in the habit of cleaning for optimal office hygiene. 

Vents & Baseboards 

Vents and baseboards are places that are easy for dust, dirt, and germs to build up within the workplace. If dust builds up in vents it can lower the quality of air in your workspace as well as trigger allergies in some employees. The most dust that is left to build up in these spaces the more likely dust mite allergies will be triggered. If you notice dust build up in your vents or on your baseboards we suggest spraying them with an all-purpose cleaning solution and wiping them down with a microfiber cleaning cloth. 


With New England weather, you can never be sure what you’re going to get. Some days it is beautiful clear skies and some days we are left with cold wet weather. The damp days mean wet floors and no one wants that. Be sure to wipe down floors on rainy days so dirt and footprints don’t accumulate in the workplace. Also, be mindful of lunchtime spills and crumbs that fall on the floor. Dirty floors will give guests the wrong impression of your workplace. It is best practice to wipe away any spills and sweep up crumbs when you first see them maintain office hygiene. 

Behind Furniture 

Another place where dust is likely to build up is behind desks and office furniture. Combat this by regularly sweeping behind furniture, doing this will prevent large amounts of dirt and dust from accumulating in your workplace. Providing employees with a clean and safe workplace will help to boost overall employee morale. 

Office Hygiene at Millyard Technology Park 

Thanks for heading out office hygiene tips! As mentioned before we do have a cleaning crew that will regularly come by to clean the office, but these are a few things you should implement into your routine to help keep your workplace as hygienic as possible.