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One of Millyard Technology Park’s most popular amenities is the community conference room. Located on the second floor, West wing, the beautiful space is ready for you to host your next meeting.

The space includes a main meeting table that holds at least eight (8) people in addition to a separate area with tables and chairs. There are also whiteboards, a place to hang up coats, a small refrigerator, and a small sideboard with a Keurig coffee maker. Our on-site Riverview Café has also provided a binder with all of the café’s menus. This makes it easy to place catering orders or know what’s being served for breakfast and lunch on a daily basis when you and your guests are having a meeting.

For scheduling, please contact the Business Office .

  • The room will be available Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.
  • All residents of MTP will have two (2) free hours to schedule per month. Any hours beyond this allotment will result in a charge of $20/hour.
  • For non-residents of MTP, the conference room will be available for $50/hour.

Please call the Business Office at 603.598.1275 to book your next meeting.

Office Rental Space Conference Rooms

The community conference room, a multipurpose area on the second level of the West Wing, is one of Millyard Technology Park’s (MTP) most notable aspects. This comfortable space is perfect for any gathering, from team meetings and client presentations to brainstorming sessions.

Facilities and Amenities

Spacious Meeting Area

The main meeting table serves as the room’s focal point and can easily accommodate at least eight people. Furthermore, an adjacent space is equipped with tables and chairs, allowing you to create a variety of seating configurations to match your specific meeting needs.

Tools for Making Presentations and Whiteboards

The area is equipped with whiteboards that may be used to visualize ideas, take notes, or draw diagrams, all of which can help with cooperation and idea development. Using these technologies, participants can improve and exchange ideas in real-time, which increases participation and productivity during meetings.

Convenience and Comfort

In addition to the standard meeting facilities, the conference room provides useful extras to make everyone’s stay more pleasant. Guests can use a Keurig coffee machine, a little fridge for snacks, and hooks to hang coats. Bringing refreshments to a meeting is a great way to set the tone and encourage hospitality.

Using the Riverview Café Menu

The on-site Riverview Café has supplied a complete binder for visitors to organize their catering requirements or meals during long meetings. You may easily choose your breakfast or lunch from the alternatives presented in this binder, which comprises the café’s menus. This handy tool lets you easily plan the meeting refreshments, whether it’s a modest continental breakfast or a substantial sandwich spread.

Booking Information

Details on Reservations: Get in touch with Millyard Technology Park’s Business Office to schedule your next meeting. Essential facts about the booking are as follows:

Timeliness of service

The conference room may be reserved for meetings between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

Perks for Residents

Millyard Technology Park residents may use the conference room for two hours at no cost each month. A small fee of $20 per hour will apply for any hours beyond this amount.

Rates for Non-Residents

As an accessible venue option, the conference room may be rented out for $50 per hour to non-residents of Millyard Technology Park. This makes it a good fit for external firms or groups.

How to Make a Reservation

Contact the Business Office at 603.598.1275 to reserve the conference space. Our devoted team’s first priority is helping you secure the space and meet any unique needs. Millyard Technology Park’s communal conference room is perfect for productive meetings and collaborative sessions thanks to its well-appointed facilities, handy services, and flexible rental possibilities. Whether you’re a resident of MTP or an outside visitor, we are excited to host your next celebration and ensure everyone has a great time.